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We are relational beings, but covid impositions the last eight months have shouted repeated messages to us about isolation, avoidance, defense and fear. People who we love may be our worst enemies.  As time passes, we understand more and more how this hurts people who feel increasingly lost and alone, with nowhere to turn. We become relationally parched.  Where can I find water for my thirsty soul??

King David felt this way many years ago when he said: “O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you, in a dry and weary land where there is no water” Psalm 63:1.

We know that the Christian life, like any relationship, is often lived in the ordinary – spiritual habits and faithfulness; but covid has highlighted the need for a fresh encounter with the Lord. To know afresh that He is with me – He is my good Shepherd and I am safe in his care. 

That’s what this page is about – to set the table this Primetime for a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit – this wonderful Friend who lives inside. This page is for the thirsty ones – maybe you are one of them. As time goes by there will be challenges and encouragements here.

If your care group is interested, I (Pastor Leon) would love to spend an evening with you discussing an encounter with the Holy Spirit. Simply call the church office (604-792-0051) and we will set up a time.

Annie Hawkes was 36 when she wrote these words:

“I need you every hour most gracious Lord

No tender voice like yours can peace afford

I need you O I need you – every hour I need you

O bless me now my Saviour, I come to you.”

The Acts of the Holy Spirit

  • Encounter - November 30

    Welcome to this little page on Encounter! While it is a small page, my desire from it is a very big one – that we would have a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit – that He would help us to fall in love anew with Jesus Christ – this is His aim.

    I’ve asked myself – how do we position ourselves for a fresh encounter with the Spirit? In personal preparation, I started in July to read through the book of Acts devotionally and instead of reading it as “the Acts of the Apostles” I read it as “the Acts of the Holy Spirit.” I underlined every time His name was mentioned – I watched how He works, what He does in the church and how He makes Jesus known to the world. Over the next six weeks I want to invite you onto this same journey. The end date for this challenge is January 17, when I am planning to host the first of three evenings of conversation and prayer around the Spirit filled life.

    Most days I will post something on this page for you to think about or pray over. I’m learning this online platform, but I will include songs and pictures to elaborate on the theme of the day. Click here to listen to a wonderful song that we sang yesterday in service…

    So we will see you tomorrow!

November 13, 2020

“The Holy Spirit, being a personality, cannot be known in just one encounter.” - A.W. Tozer

Are you hungry to experience all that the Holy Spirit has in mind for you? Are you thirsty for Jesus to be made famous through your life? Is it time for renewal in your Christian walk?

Here is an idea for you in this quest for more of God. My son, Chris, who leads our Kamloops church, is taking his congregation on an exploration of the Spirit’s work this fall and has been featuring the Spirit’s work through podcast interviews. In the past few weeks he had a conversation with Bernie Van de Walle who is district superintendent in our Canadian Midwest district and former professor at Ambrose University in Calgary, specializing in the history of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Chris also chatted with our Alliance president, David Hearn on the topic of the Holy Spirit. You can find these interviews on the Kamloops Alliance church website under “resources – podcast.” Also just out is Chris’ conversation with me on the subject of renewal. Click on the link to listen to this podcast.