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October 21-28, 2020

  • Praise God with us and our friends with AIDIA, in Abancay, Peru! Last Saturday, the village of Socco (where AIDIA staff, pastoral trainers Rocio and Enrique moved to at the start of Covid) celebrated the graduation of 7 oral theology students! Part of that celebration was baptism! Pray for this group of leaders as they seek to serve and disciple their community. Pray for the newly baptized gal, for protection and that God would continue to reveal more and more of Himself and his plan for her. We celebrate with Enrique and Brendan Connally (SIM orality teacher) who have provided their training.

  • We are excited to announce the 2nd Annual Pastoral Training event with our friends in Mexico! Last year it was a whole weekend, this year it is one Saturday, October 31. We are thankful to have found a way to work within restrictions to provide training, space for prayer and fellowship and resourcing. The theme this year is “Firm in the Storm” and the three sessions are ‘Pastoring in a Pandemic’, ‘Leading through Depression’, and ‘Unifying the Church.’ Pray for those speaking. Pray the Holy Spirit will be at work refreshing, renewing and bringing hope to these pastors who are serving their people in such a difficult time. We are thrilled to be part of the planning and provision of this event.

  • The Tuareg are a LRPG predominately found in Niger, but also in smaller pockets in other west African countries. They would claim a passive form of the Sunni branch of Islam, mixed with a healthy dose of folk beliefs and magic. Christianity is persecuted. Evangelical work began among them in 1962, but has been a tough road, and with persecution, to date fewer than 0.01% would claim to be Christian. Pray for courage, boldness and a deeper faith for believers as they face persecution from family, friends, and society.  Pray for more international workers, for encouragement, and for progress in present ministry efforts. For more information on the Tuareg , please click here.

*LRPGs are Least Reached People Groups
for more information on the LRPG's please click here