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October 13-20, 2020

  • Praise God with us and the Orrs! They were able to spend a month in Minnesota visiting their new granddaughter and her parents! They arrived back safe in IQ after 3 flights on 3 separate days with all of their luggage! Now they will be spending the next 2 weeks at home in quarantine. Teammates shopped for them, so they are good to go. Pray as they get back into ministry from their home, for Betty as she looks at more language coaching for teammates and others and for them both as they lead their team well!

  • The Balinese Hindus are a LRPG comprising about 2% of the Indonesian population. Their belief system is a mix of traditional Hinduism pieces and local indigenous elements. Family and community are core values, and how you see them live is testament to these values. A team began serving the Balinese Hindus in 2016. Many relationships were built as they served in prisons, small communities, with young people and women at risk. After close to 4 years of engagement a sense that in order for sustainability and longevity time would be needed to prepare to build a larger team to work together. Their presence on the ground currently is paused, but Christ can and is still calling to these people. Pray for the team being built and for a way to be opened so they may return to reach out to these dear people.  For more information on the Balinese Hindus, please click here.

*LRPGs are Least Reached People Groups
for more information on the LRPG's please click here