Adult Sunday School | Sept 22

At CAC, we recognize that we’re all at different places in our walk with Jesus, and yet we want to provide meaningful opportunities for spiritual growth for each of us. As such, we have a wide variety of Sunday School classes being offered this fall from 9:00 – 9:45 at the church. Some of these classes are better suited for those who are new to

Jesus. Others are better suited (and designed) for those who have pursued their

relationship with Him for a long time. The classes are listed below:




Teachers: Stephen & Phyllis Lee  Location: Chapel

This class will take a look at God’s intended application of law and grace and how the human heart is drawn to legalism “as a moth to the flame”. With my five decades of a life shaped in legalism, I hope to bring a unique perspective as we study this central topic. We will base our study on some key Bible passages and group involvement. The duration will be six weeks with no class on October 20th.


HOW NOW SHALL WE LIVE? (Sept 22 - Nov 10)

Teacher: Darrell Furgason Location: Choir Room

When Jesus prayed for God’s kingdom to come, was He praying for a physical reality to invade tomorrow or an allegiance of our hearts to Him today?  In this class we will come to see what it can look like to live for Christ in a world that cries out for our attention and adherence to its principles. How are we being subtly influenced by the world? Let’s explore that together.



Teacher: Bryant Yeomans  Location: Committee Room

The theology of the Holy Spirit has divided Christians and churches for generations. For some of us, the Spirit is an active part of our lives. For others, He is largely overlooked. In this class we will be working through some theology surrounding the Spirit, while also considering what part He plays in going deeper and wider with God.


BAPTISM  (Sept 22 & 29)

Teacher:  Matt Mordaunt   Location: Welcome Centre

This year, we are planning on having baptisms take place on or around Thanksgiving

Sunday.  If you would like to declare you love for Jesus in a public way, follow His example, and obey His command that we be baptized, then this class is a must for you. To help us in planning the service in advance, please indicate your interest on a Connection Card

by Sept 15th.

MEMBERSHIP (Oct 6, 13, 20, 27)

Teacher: Matthew Mordaunt   Location: Welcome Centre

Do you love this local church, and want to serve in a way that helps it to grow into it’s God given potential? Are you curious to know more about CAC and the Christian and Missionary Alliance?  If so, then the membership class is for you. This 4 week course surveys the history, theology, direction, and leadership of Chilliwack Alliance, while providing opportunities for discussion and interaction. All are welcome.


NEW COMERS CLASS  (Nov 3, 10, 17, 24)

Teacher: Wayne Massey  Location: Welcome Centre

The New Comers Class is designed to be a place where newcomers to CAC can get an overview of our church’s ministries and beliefs, while also meeting other new people in our community and enjoying a cup of coffee.

FRIENDS CLASS   (Sept 22 - tentatively)

Teacher: Ida Struiksma   Location: Room 35

This is a class for people with special needs. Come and join with friends as we sing together, share with one another and study the Bible. 

Men's Breakfast

September 21, 2019

Time: 8:00 am

Where: Church Gym

Cost: $10/ticket or $15 for 2 tickets

Register Here

Annual General Meeting

Sunday, September 29th

Our annual meeting will be held the last Sunday of September, right after the morning service. Printed reports will be available one week before hand.