During COVID...

We will be postponing further meetings, but looking forward to when we have a better handle on the duration of our situation. We will be checking in with you. We are also planning on touching base a few times a week on our Facebook group and Instagram. We are hoping this will be one way we can connect for us as a group – to encourage and challenge us as we move forward in living like Christ and living Him out for others during this time. We love you!

CAC Young Adults

Our desire is to provide space to learn what it means to be a disciple of Christ and what it means
to be part of church. We believe each person to be a valuable piece in the greater picture God has
of His church in the world, and we hope to be part of developing this generation in understanding

what this means over the long haul.


This year we will be meeting Sunday evenings at 6:30 pm. Sometimes as a big group and sometimes

in small groups. We are committed to values of community, prayer, service and growing in knowledge

and understanding of God’s word. We’ve got a lot to learn, but we are excited to do so together.


If you are interested in more, please contact Pastor Holly

or check out our Facebook page.