Womens Ministries

Morning Break Wednesdays at 9:00 am

Finding Freedom

  Lorie’s dynamic teaching will take you on a journey to freedom through powerful storytelling and teaching from God’s Word. She will equip you to face four tactics of the enemy and provide you with powerful weapons of warfare to engage in battle, so that you too can find freedom– right in the middle of the battle you are facing! 

Fighting Back with Joy

  In ‘Fight Back with Joy’ you will learn to:

  • Expand your joy threshold by awakening to God’s fierce love for you; 
  • Escape fear and regret by applying biblical truths to whatever crisis you're facing. 
  • Discover freedom from the past by learning how to turn mourning into joy; 
  • Rise above your circumstances and become more winsome, cheerful, and thankful.

Lord, Change my Attitude (main class)

  There is hope for the attitudinally challenged. This study will guide you in changing your attitude from those God hates into those He honors - from complaining to thanksgiving, covetousness to contentment, criticism to love, doubt to faith., rebellion to submission—as you pray, Lord, Change My Attitude.