Operation Freedom

Chilliwack Alliance Church Refugee Initiative

Email - operationfreedom@chilliwackalliance.bc.ca

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We as a church have taken on the challenge and responsibility to sponsor a refugee family. Operation Freedom had its inaugural meeting on May 11, 2016. Brian & Helen Derksen and Chuck & Deb Strahl have volunteered to act as core team leaders in this process. There are several opportunities for all who wish to get involved with the Operation Freedom Team.  

The Core Team committee is in need of several team leaders and additional volunteers to help each individual team. Please prayerfully consider where you would like to be involved and which team would be the best fit for you.

Core Team Leader & Chair - Brian Derksen

Core Team Leaders - Helen Derksen, Chuck & Deb Strahl

Executive Assistant - Alison Parvin

Prayer Team Leaders - Berhe & Bev Gulbot

Prayer Team Members: 10 requested

We would like to ask for volunteers to join us for a monthly prayer meeting at CAC. Prayer needs will be identified by the committee and will be updated in the church bulletin and website. 

Contact Bev & Berhe


Communication Team Leaders - Tom & Lori Hildebrand

Communication Team Members: volunteers needed

We are looking for people to help with set up and managing communication on the church website, establishing a Facebook Group Page and other Media communications as required. 

Contact Tom & Lori at

 (604) 202-8684


Finance Team Leaders - Brian & Helen Derksen

                                     Chuck & Deb Strahl

Finance Team Members: volunteers (4-5) needed

Fund Raising - Kelly Edgley

Would you please consider becoming part of the team who are willing to go the extra mile to engage our congregation in Operation Freedom? We would like 4 or 5 people to bring ideas, energy and the desire to bring our chosen family to Chilliwack as soon as possible. We need you to help us raise the necessary funds! We promise you will find this a rewarding and fun experience!  

Contact Kelly Edgley,

 (604) 845-8311

Giving to Operation Freedom

We invite you to consider a financial gift to assist in bringing our refugee family to Chilliwack. The sooner we can raise the funds, the sooner this family can start a new life and a freedom they have not known for a very long time. Please designate your gift as Operation Freedom or refugee family. Thank you for loving this family!

Services & Social Integration Team Leaders - Kevin & Julia Brotherston

Services & Social Integration Members: volunteers needed

We are excited to gather together a team to help integrate our family in regards to Social Services.

Medical: This will involve finding a physician; educating the family on our Health Care System and enrolling them in health coverage.

Education: Teaching the family English is of course a high priority; finding team members with abilities and connections in regards to ESL will be vital.

Social Integration: Helping our family to connect with the broader community including inviting them to sporting, social and community events.

Employment: Assist in applying for programs to seek employment when they are ready.

Transportation Team Leader: Butch Clay

Transportation Team Members: volunteers needed

This team will assist the refugee family with transportation needs by organizing rides and providing an orientation to the transit system.  

Housing and Maintenance Team Leader: Wayne Massey

Housing and Maintenance Member: volunteers needed

The role of this team is to secure permanent accommodation, help with any repairs that may initially need to be performed, assist with utility hookups, furnishing accommodations, and orientation of tenant rights and responsibilities, care of property etc.

Homemaking Team Leaders: Sheila Dennis & Catherine Davies

Homemaking Team Members: volunteers needed

Orientation - helping the newcomers understand all of the basic functions of the home:

 -how to use and care for appliances, plumbing electrical etc. in the house

 -simple home maintenance

 -home safety regarding hazards

 -help with shopping needs

 -help with basic clothing needs

 -household items dishes, bedding etc.

Want to help?    We are now collecting gently used or new furniture and household goods for our Syrian Refugee family! We don't want to have too much stuff and so please use the following 2 methods of communicating what it is that you have to donate:

We will be having 3 collection dates, both before and after church on the following Sundays: April 23, May 21, and June 11. Please look for the balloons and bring your items to the green F350 truck & trailer. People will be available for carrying any larger items. If you have larger furniture, pick up is available at other times.


Please see Catherine Davies (2cdavies@telus.net, or 604 845-3044, or you can message me on Facebook).

How to communicate what you are donating:

1)  Please come to the Operation Freedom (Syrian Refugee) info table in the foyer of the church where you can sign up if you are interested in donating furniture, household goods, or money towards furnishing the house/apartment for our Syrian family.


2)  Go to FACEBOOK - Search for "Operation Freedom - Supporting a Syrian Family". Ask to join and once your are accepted, you can then find the Syrian Family household item Google doc.  Please post the name of any item you wish to donate and your phone number. I can add it to the list.

Volunteer Form