The people in the Christian and Missionary Alliance have once been described as “people of the map.” I love this. To be known as people who are deeply and prayerfully interested in every corner of the map is exciting. To be known as people who identify those least reached and send workers to difficult or resistant areas to grow churches is nothing to shy away from. The world and its need for the Savior is inherent in our DNA, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, we have the chance to help effect radical life change, and increase His Church, His Kingdom here on earth. For His glory.

Here at CAC we are committed to be a church that matters; in this community and in the world. Many of us are currently engaged in local and global ministries and are supported and celebrated. These individuals and their ventures are indicative of the kind of heart that beats within this church.

For the church to be successful we also need a corporate focus; something to work towards together. Pro activity and investment are actions that will lead to sustainable and powerful ministry, essentially having greater long-term impact. The following are what we currently are investing in:

C&MA International Workers

As part of the C&MA we are churches and we are a sending organization. We have approximately

250 workers situated all over the world, and 40% of these workers are in countries who closed their doors long ago to traditional missionaries. Our churches together make it possible for these people to be on the field. For more information, see https://www.cmacan.org/global-ministries

As a church we are covenanting to serve together with one couple transitioning from 20 years of service in eastern Europe to working with the Yazidi, a Kurdish minority group of Northern Iraq. Among these people are very few believers, no church, and incredible pain and suffering. In 2014 ISIS attacked their isolated mountain communities and violently killed thousands. Families were separated and girls and women were taken as slaves, sold to these soldiers to be raped and brutalized. Some have been able to escape that situation, but not the pain and scars. These young women and families are refugees now living in camps outside of cities or in other countries. Our couple is working alongside the Alliance church in Iraq to bring the gospel, help, and hope to these traumatized women and families. We are proud to join with them as they speak with words and actions to these people. They are seen, loved, have value and dignity, and know that there is healing and hope.

(names not published as this is a Creative Access Nation and privacy needs to be protected)


High in the Andes in Abancay, Peru, is a “little” organization involved in a God-sized calling to reach remote communities in this region with the Gospel. AIDIA is a translation organization led and executed by indigenous Quechua people. CAC in partnership with AIDIA is working in concert to build up, strengthen, and grow the local church, promote the use of Quechua scriptures, and raise biblically solid leadership for effective advancement of God’s Kingdom in this, the Eastern Apurimac region of Peru.

We are specifically partnering with them as they develop local believers in pastoral training and

leadership development, as well as training and developing Sunday schools and leadership needed

for kids and youth as churches in these remote communities are planted.

We are excited by the in-roads the Kingdom is making in these lives and the coming

transformation of their families and communities.


PERU Annual Report 2018

We are incredibly excited about being involved in what God is doing in Peru. Below are links to parts of the annual report we receive from our friends at AIDIA. You have access to stories with photos that tell of the impact had on lives and communities through our partnership. Leaders are being developed and trained. Kids are being taught. Churches and Sunday schools are being planted and communities are being changed for the Kingdom. Also available is a numbers summary of the impact the stories are part of. Be encouraged friends!


If you would like to see the full report, please contact Pastor Holly.

Stories of Impact 1

Stories of Impact 2

Numbers Summary


Quebec is the least evangelized community in the developed world. Christianity has been marginalized and Quebec is truly a secularized state. Roman Catholicism is the predominant faith, but is diminishing and has left a bad taste for church in their mouths. Statistics say that about 0.5% of people attend an evangelical church -  the lowest in North America. It’s not a big number, but this remnant of believers is eager to see this reversed.

We are working with Rimouski Alliance Church, in Rimouski, along the Gaspe Peninsula. We hope to serve together to help each of our churches to be a light in our respective communities. In an area of our country so resistant to Christianity we want to stand with our brothers and sisters as they in some ways are lonely and isolated, and we say “we see you and we will help.”