The people in the Christian and Missionary Alliance have once been described as “people of the map.” I love this. To be known as people who are deeply and prayerfully interested in every corner of the map is exciting. To be known as people who identify those least reached and send workers in to difficult or resistant areas to grow churches is nothing to shy away from. The world and its need for the Saviour has become inherent in our DNA, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, we have the chance to help effect radical life change, and increase His Church, His Kingdom here on earth. For His glory. 

Here at CAC we are committed to being a church that matters; here in this community and in the world. Many of us are currently engaged in local and global ministries and are supported and celebrated. These individuals and their ventures are indicative of the kind of heart that beats within in this church.

For the church to be successful as a whole we also need a corporate focus, something to work towards together. Proactivity and investment are actions that will lead to sustainable and powerful ministry, essentially having greater long term impact. As a church we are focusing on three fields outside of our community: Poland, Peru and Quebec. 

There is an opportunity for greatness here family, in these places if we invest our prayers, our resources, and ourselves collectively as a church. God is working as He always is and we want be part of that - as Mordecai says " for such a time as this."