Ways to give

Direct Withdrawal Tithing (either by Credit Card or withdrawn from your bank) 

In today’s society, many of us use direct withdrawals for a number of our regular payments. It’s convenient and ensures that we don’t miss and important payment. In fact, many people no longer even use cheques. Direct Withdrawal is an efficient way for you to give your tithes and offerings to the Lord through Chilliwack Alliance Church. 

For more information or to fill out the form please contact the church office. You may also print out the form and bring it into the church office. Click here for a link to the form.

CAC now offers Online Giving

Online giving is a convenient and secure method of making donations to Chiliwack Alliance Church.If you are set up with your financial institution to bank online, you are also able to make donations to CAC just as you would pay any of your other bills. Your donation is recorded automatically and individually, by your bank on your monthly bank statement or pass book.Your bank will notify us of your donation and we will continue to record your giving. Income Tax receipts are provided annually by the end of February for all qualified donations given to, and through, the church for the previous year. 

For more infomation and to see what banks we currently accept payments from please contact the church office. For a link to the form to fill out and bring to the office, click here

On Site Debit or Credit Card

We now have a Debit/Credit Card machine at church for your convenience. Whether before or after the service or in the office on weekdays, you can make any tithe or payments directly with your debit or credit card.