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About 6 hours south of the border, in Baja, Mexico is the small community of San Quintin. Over the years this place has become home to a ministry interested in working with God as He works big things in the lives of those living here. One Life One Chance exists to support local indigenous ministries, to encourage the Church and to bring the love and hope of Jesus Christ to people and their communities.  

Pastoring a church in this area is challenging. Most of these pastors shepherd small congregations, working other jobs to support the ministry and their families. Few have formal theological training and lack denominational support or accountability. OLOC has dreamed to be able to provide biblical and leadership training for these pastors.

Enter CAC. We are working together to develop a program to address this need. Our ‘pilot’ event was held over a weekend in September 2019 and was well received. Hopefully this will be a great launch toward a series of conferences and regular events that will equip and minister to the pastors and renew their calling to ministry. We want to be able to provide these events at no cost to the pastors, so we will seek to absorb the full cost, in addition to sending small teams to help serve behind the scenes to make the event happen, freeing our OLOC friends to keep ministering to these pastors.

In addition, and to have ways for many to be involved, we want to continue to help these pastors help their congregation by sending teams to build homes. Keep your eyes and ears open as we move forward in both of these initiatives!

Covid Relief Update

We are well aware we are living in a complicated time for many. Our friends in San Quintin are willing and able to help provide basic and immediate needs to the communities in this area. They are being hit hard and many are not only struggling, but severely vulnerable. One Life One Chance is putting hands and feet to the heart represented by the financial aid we have given. Here are some of our stories!

May 22, 2020

Community Meal Program 1: Nuevo Mundo (Pastora Rosa)

As we were preparing to serve, there was an older man working across the street on his land. He appeared to have been working for a long time as he was dusty and sweaty and so focused that he didn’t hear us the first few times we called to him to get some food. He came slowly, trying to dust himself off, gratefully receiving his food, then leaving quickly. He went back to his land where we saw him ease down in the middle of a dirt mound, lean back for a few moments, then dig into the delicious hot meal. Pastora Rosa looked on with compassion and said, “Look…he was very hungry.”


The man finished his meal and kept on working, and though it was only a brief moment we had with him to shake his hand, give him some food, say “God bless you” and invite him to church, we hope that it won’t be just a brief moment for this man. We hope and pray that he remembers this day, the delicious meal when he most needed one, the love of Jesus in our smiles and as we looked him in the eye. It may seem to be just a meal, but if that one meal let that one man get a glimpse of the heart of Jesus, then we have done exactly what we came to do. 

Old CAC pews arrive in Mexico (April 2020)

We have had an interesting and fun journey with our pews these last few weeks! With the remediation and following congregational vote to update our seating we wondered what to do with all of the pews. Well, fast forward to April 3, 2020. . . the pews arrived at One Life One Chance, in San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico. They will find their way into many local area churches! 

The following is from our friends at OLOC:

“Unloading the container was a true challenge. The container arrived at approximately 8:00am on Friday. When the operator was removing the chains that held the container, he hit his head and we had to take him to get emergency medical care. He was ok. We were waiting there for about an hour, and by the time we got back, a smaller crane was in place and ready to lower the container. But, unfortunately, after many attempts to lower the container, we didn’t have good results. The crane was too small, because the container weighed around 18 tons and the crane could only lift 11 tons. The smaller crane was donated and lent to us by a local business. They wanted to contribute to the ministry, and we had in mind unloading some of the pews, so that it would weigh less but we would have needed a lot of people and it would have taken too much time, so we ended up needing to hire a bigger crane. 

During the unloading we had many setbacks. Despite the crane being bigger, the problem was the way that the container was being lowered - maybe the chains weren’t adequate for the job, and at one point they snapped. But after many attempts, we finally were able to lower the container from the trailer platform around 1:00pm. A lot of time had already passed but there was still more work to do to place the container where it needed to go. It was finally placed around 4:00pm and then we began to reload, what we had unloaded, so it wouldn’t stay outside. 

We thank God so much for this blessing, and we thank all the people who were involved. May God richly bless your lives and continue to touch your hearts. Thanks to you, many churches will be blessed. We are aware of all the effort and sacrifice this took.