How CAC is praying for our world

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May 20-June 3, 2020

  • Let’s be praying for our friends in Rimouski, Quebec. They are still without a senior pastor but are being led by a committee with coaching from Barry Whatley. Pray for them, like us all, to find ways of seeking out meaningful fellowship with each other.

  • As for our friends in Northern IQ, let’s continue to pray for their language learning. I believe they are still able to make it happen and will continue to do so as restrictions are lifted. Pray for retention. Sometimes when you aren’t able to practice speaking as often as you’d like, it can be hard to remember. Also continue to pray for ministry opportunities that are coming as restrictions lift.

  • The Yemeni have been in armed conflict that began in 2015. This conflict has displaced nearly 4 million people. These people are having to live in displacement camps on outskirts of cities, university campuses, and other shelter facilities around various cities. Some are on the front lines of the conflict. Some of these camps have a greater population than their host city. These people are extremely vulnerable. They are already vulnerable to lack of adequate food, shelter, and basic needs and because of this are at a higher risk for Covid-19.  For more information on LRPGs please click here

*LRPG is a least reached people group