How CAC is praying for our world

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August 13, 2020       

  • Praise God for the impact the community meals have been having in the area around San Quintin, Mexico! Local pastors and One Life Once Chance staff are out and about in familiar and never-served-in communities. And praise God these efforts are gaining momentum and being built upon by their churches and other people! (check out the latest report by scrolling down here) Pray for the pastors and OLOC staff as they minister; pray for open communities, for spiritually hungry people to make themselves known, and that God would keep them healthy and empowered through His Spirit.

  • Our friends with AIDIA in Peru are working on recording audio materials for kids! This is part of their Children/Youth Sunday school leadership development, one of the projects we are partnering in with them. Pray for them as they sort out how to use and distribute these materials and that they would be received well. We want kids to know Jesus and for their families to be impacted as well!

  • The Yemeni. This is a predominately Muslim LRPG, represented by two principal groups (the Sunnis and Shi’a), who don’t get along well. This country is embroiled in a civil war and the people are suffering famine, disease without a lot of aid. Pray for the small communities of believers, many of whom come from a Muslim background. They are seeing a rise in new spiritual openness and are wanting to expand their humanitarian effort to other communities to engage more in these spiritual conversations!

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*LRPG is a least reached people group