CAC Board Communication

The Elders Board recently discussed the need to improve its communication with the Congregation and so it was determined that we should utilize our Church website to regularly up date you about the activities and decisions that are made. While we on occasion discuss very confidential items such as in our prayer time where we may be praying for specific individuals or situations, we will endeavour to keep you better informed as we go forward. The following are some highlights of recent meetings...


As you may know the Board meets for a regular meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Every regular meeting begins with a devotional given by one of the Elders. These devotionals are encouraging and instructional and will often set a tone for the discussion and deliberations around the table that evening. Here are examples of recent devotionals:


Andrew Goh recently talked about his walk with the Father and what he has been emphasizing to him recently. This involved reflection over the winter months of the births and deaths in their family (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8), and how as a first generation Christian, he and Carol could leave a new legacy for their children and their children’s children (Proverbs 13:22). What is the inheritance that God Commands us to provide (Matthew 6:19,20) and how do we ensure we impart Godliness and Wisdom to our future generations? (Psalms 78:4).

At our most recent meeting Tom Hildebrand talked about “What are the qualities of a leader"? The attitude of a good leader is based on being ready to serve others (Rom. 1:14-17). Gods empowerment changes leaders from the inside out. Righteous leaders live by faith ( Rom. 1:17-21). Great leaders use the gifts that God gives them with humility (Rom. 12: 6-8). Great leaders are to serve with love and selflessness (Rom. 12:9-21) and great leaders are commanded to serve and protect the weak (Rom. 14:1-4, 12-21).


Remediation/Maintenance/Update Project

The Board is grateful for Chris Denis’s regular communication on this project to the Board. Chris attended the early part of our Board meetings each month for the duration of the project to brief us on the progress in each area of the project. As you have observed the project is now complete. We are happy to report that the project was completed within the budget and 3-4 weeks ahead of schedule. Final Engineering approvals have been received including Structural and Electrical. Thank you Chris for your diligent and skilful work on our behalf on this project. Also a big thank you to our congregation for your financial contributions to this project. Many people have reported as well about how pleased they are with the new look in the Sanctuary. We have attempted to keep costs and debt as low as possible on this project. There have been many financial contributions to the project to date and more comes in weekly. This is how the project financial picture looks as of the end of April 5, 2019:

An $800,000 Loan (Line of Credit) was obtained from the Alliance Pacific District following a Church membership vote authorizing the loan application.

Project budget - $1,094,156.00

Congregational gifts to the project - $383,730.41

Pledges - $51,425


The CAC Vision Foundation

The Vision Foundation has been established to provide a vehicle for our Church members to donate or bequest legacy gifts in their estate plans for the ongoing work of the Gospel. The interest-generating financial stream will be used to support CAC Missions/ministry programs. There are seminars/workshops being planned over the next several months to inform CAC members on this important new ministry of the Church. The Elders Board last week recently passed a motion approving the following Church Members as Members of the CAC Vision Foundation Board; Chuck Strahl, Bob McCrea, Roberta Neault, Bob Thompson, George Lutz, Bryant Yeomans, Wayne Massey.


Barnabus Ministry/Elder Emeritus

The CAC Church Bylaws make provision for appointment of qualified individuals to be a member of the Barnabus Ministry. In the spirit and instruction of 1 Timothy 3: 1-9 and Titus 1: 5-9 having a Barnabus Ministry provides the Church with opportunity to draw on the wisdom and counsel of a seasoned leader. We do well to recognize those who have served the Church and continue to be a blessing to the congregation and to do ministry among us with deep commitment and effectiveness. We will continue to engage these leaders in such ways as praying for the sick, mentoring and encouraging younger Elders, serving Communion and being involved in special planning and prayer times for the Church family. In addition, they may serve in a counselling capacity and make their experience and wisdom available to the Elders and Pastoral Team. They will be assigned an Elder to encourage, pray for and mentor throughout the term of the Elder. We recently appointed five couples to this Ministry . Harv and Darlene Adrian, Earle and Judith Davies, Ron and Gail Manning, Larry and Carol Sagert and Henry and Mary Hooge. As time goes on more folks will be added to this Ministry.