CAC Board Communication

May 2019

CAC Board Report

The Board met this past week and the following are the highlights from this meeting. 


Mike Unruh shared with us the different times in his life when miracles have been experienced

by him, his family and friends. He also recounted the healings and miracles that have occurred

in our congregation at CAC. He emphasized how God manifests his presence in our lives and

in his Church when we put our faith in him and surrender control of our lives to him. It is faith

building to recall how and when God has answered our prayers and performed miracles in our


Board discussion items

— Ongoing discussion regarding the use of the Gym for sports activities as well as for various

types of meetings.

— Received a report about the recent Alliance district conference in Vernon.

— Don and Betty Orr’s invitation to Churches to visit and help in Iraq.

— The Alliance Pacific District’s appointment of long time Alliance Missionary Lisa Rohrick to

be the head of Missions for the District.

— The changes to the Main house for the summer to blend the two services well.

— Approval of the 2019/2020 Operational Budget including a 3 percent increase to the 2018/

2019 Budget.

— Review and discussion of the Alliance Human Sexuality Policy and the Practical Application

Statement. You can read this document here: Human Sexuality Policy

— Review and Discussion of the Alliance Policy on Baptism. Read this document here: Alliance Policy on Baptism

Scroll down to article 6: Membership.

— Discussed the need to continue to look at options for the replacement of the deteriorating

pews in the main house. The Board continues to hear from church members about their

support for a fund raising initiative to replace the pews as soon as possible.

Prayer Time

As is normally the case, the Board ended our time together in prayer for healing for many of

you who call CAC your Church home. We prayed for healing for physical ailments and family

issues and that God would continue to build His Church in Chilliwack and around the world.


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