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October 2019 Board Report

October 2019 CAC Board Report The Board meeting on October 15 was the first meeting for the Elders elected by the Church members at the Annual General Meeting in September. The new members are Rob Wall and Mark Hutchinson. These men are replacing Bob Derksen and Kevin Brotherston. It has become a tradition that we each share important information about ourselves that would explain what motivates us in our Christian walk. This time we each shared our current spiritual giftings. We find it is critical to understand how each of us can bring a different perspective to the boardroom table as we seek to be led by the Holy Spirit in our deliberations and in finding unity. In addition, each of us sign a Team Covenant document regarding our commitment to the Church and to each of the other elders. The first decision of the Board at this meeting was to appoint Officers from amongst the Elders. Those appointed for the next year include; Chair - Bryant Yeomans, Vice Chair - Tom Hildebrand, Secretary - Andrew Goh, Treasurer - Chad Goertzen. The Board also discussed the formation of an Audit/Finance committee. This committee will be appointed by the Board over the next few months. This committee will assist the Elders Board by conducting a more detailed and indepth review of financial reports to allow the Board to better fulfill its fiduciary duty. The Board authorized the signing of a contract for the supply of new seating for our Church Sanctuary. The tentative time for installing the new seating will be February/March 2020. The Elders Board and Senior Pastor participated in a survey conducted by the Christian and Missionary Alliance on the Health of Chilliwack Alliance Church. This is a survey conducted by our National office of all Canadian Alliance Churches to provide insight into equipping churches towards greater health and spiritual transformation. Finally, the Elders had a time of prayer that included praying for those in our Church that are suffering pain and those that are grieving the loss of a family member. We also prayed for our Parish and those involved in the Parish ministry. We also pray regularly for our Missions teams as well as our faithful staff at C.A.C.


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