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Winter Sunday School @ CAC! 9:00 am Sunday mornings!


Teacher: Joe Pohl   Location: Coffee Connection

This class is designed for all ages, but particularly people who like watching wholesome movies. Every week we will feature a new film (mostly Disney films) where we will discuss what truths can be found. The start of the class will focus on how to discern what truths and lies are coming across in the film. This will teach us to search the scriptures for    similar stories, and/or corresponding truths. We will also be discussing other matters such as; Authors/Directors intent, timeless truths, thoughts on society, cultures lies, and even basics on contextual criticism.  Disclaimer: All films will be previewed or approved by    parents (mostly PG) - videos will be watched during the week (not at Sunday School). It is not necessary that you watch the film before Sunday but it is recommended since          participation during class time is encouraged.


AN OVERVIEW OF THE EPISTLES (January 13 - April 7)

Teacher: Henry Hooge   Location: Chapel

This is an interactive class for all ages above youth. We will be looking briefly at each of the Epistles from Romans through to Revelation - save for Hebrews. The purpose is to gain a good understanding of the author, the circumstances, the major focus of the

epistle, the recipients, and some key verses. It will be an introduction to a better

understanding of the Epistles. It is like a “spiritual smorgasbord” where you get a little taste of everything and still feel that you have had a full meal. Let’s enjoy the Word



FIGURA: (in literary theory) a person or thing representing or symbolizing a fact or ideal. 

Teacher: Laurie Throness  Location: Choir Room  (January 13 - Mar 3)

What can you tell about a person just by looking at his shadow?  We will look at shadows in the Old Testament that prefigure more concrete objects in the New, increasing our understanding of Biblical history and uncovering mysteries in its real events.


FRIENDS CLASS   (January 13 - April 7)
Teacher: Ida Struiksma   Location: Room 35

This is a class for people with special needs. Come and join with friends as we sing together, share with one another and study the Bible.

BAPTISM CLASS   (February 17 & 24)

Teacher: Matt Mordaunt    Location: Welcome Centre

This year we are planning on having baptisms take place on Easter Sunday once again. If you would like to declare your love for Jesus in a public way, follow His         example, and obey His command that we be baptized, then this class is a must for you. 


MEMBERSHIP CLASS   (March 3 - 24)

Teacher: Matt Mordaunt   Location: Committee Room

Do you love this local church, and want to serve in a way that helps it to grow into it’s God given potential? Are you curious to know more about CAC and the Christian and Missionary Alliance?  If so, then the membership class is for you. This 4 week course surveys the history, theology, direction, and leadership of Chilliwack Alliance, while providing opportunities for discussion and interaction. All are welcome.


Teacher: Wayne Massey  Location: Welcome Centre

The New Comers Class is designed to be a place where newcomers to CAC can get an overview of our church’s ministries and beliefs, while also meeting other new people in our community and enjoying a cup of coffee.

The last words our Lord said before returning to the Father were “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be my witnesses.” A deep and radical encounter with the Holy Spirit making Jesus Lord of our life and the resultant desire that others know Him too is the impetus behind all we do at Chilliwack Alliance Church. I invite you to join us in this awesome quest and live the experience for yourself!


Pastor Leon Throness

Regular Service Times

Sunday Morning Service - 10:00 am

Main House & Video Cafe

During the service from 10:00-11:15, nursery, toddler & preschool childcare is available.
Kindergarten to Grade 4 kids are dismissed during the service to go to Children's Church.


Oasis Service - 6:30 pm 

This service takes place on the last Sunday of every month.
This is a great service of worship, praise and inspiration with a flair for traditional forms of music.

Please join us - we would love to see you here!